Member Benefits

GeoHoliday Vacation Club – The Benefits of Vacation Ownership

People like you, who make leisure travel an important part of their lifestyle understand that taking regular vacations is both mentally and physically vital to enjoying life to the fullest. Vacation ownership provides an alternative to standard vacationing options and helps travelers maximize their vacation dollars and their vacation time.
GeoHoliday provides a unique platform for members, who understand the importance of leisure travel and enables them to access a wide variety of options. The Club is designed to provide a simple but effective way for travelers to create the kind of vacations they want every year for a lifetime.

For virtually the same price as one might spend on standard hotel accommodations over just the course of a few years, you can own a Club Membership and have access to a wide range of vacation options with GeoHoliday that are not available with standard hotel accommodations.
You simply decide when you want to go, where you want to go, and how many people will be traveling with you. Then leave the rest up to us. Think of the escalating cost of a hotel room (or rooms) for you and your loved ones over the next 30 years, and it's easy to calculate the economic benefit of vacation ownership.

Our resorts offer a wide variety of vacation stay accommodation options ranging from conventional hotel suites to luxurious 3 bedroom condominiums. All of our resorts provide the necessary amenities to make your stay stress free whether you want to dine out every meal or cook gourmet meals in your units. GeoHoliday Members enjoy the priceless benefit of space – coveted room for you and your entire family to spread out, relax and savor every minute of your time together.

Every Membership with GeoHoliday Vacation Club comes with an allotment of Club Credits – the currency that delivers flexibility, choices and vacation planning services so simple and easy, you'll wonder why you ever vacationed any other way.
You simply choose where you want to go, when you want to go and the size of your accommodations. Whether it’s just a weekend getaway to Quebec or 2 weeks in Europe, the choice is yours with a lifetime of vacation flexibility.

Exchange your Credits, give a vacation as a gift to family or friends, it’s all your choice. GeoHoliday is always searching the travel world to offer the best options and authentic experiences that our Members are looking for in the world’s most exciting and desirable destinations.


Compare Ownership to Hotel Rental
GeoHoliday offers resort amenities and stylish designed studios, One, two and three bedroom suites. Accommodations are flexible enough to suit everyone’s needs, whether it’s a couple’s getaway or vacation for a family of 8, your needs are fulfilled.
Don't just settle for another trip to just another hotel. Instead, take the vacation you and your loved ones have always dreamed of, this and every year.